August 2017 — Evenstar’s Sunnee’s Last Dance, CGN “Fini” litter due late August Sired By Can CH Oaksill Hunters Moon

Hunter’s pictures courtesy of Oaksill Labrador Retrievers



August 2017 — Gr. Ch. Asklar LR Gina at Diamondsbest Gina is visiting Evenstar Labradors.  Whenever Gina decides we will have blacks and chocolates from this planned mating of Gina and Evenstar Diamondsbest Shakerup “Shaker”. Hopefully soon!! (pictures courtesy of Diamondsbest Labrador Retrievers)

gina2 Shaker

Pedigree for planned mating of Gina & Shaker (click for larger image)
Image (9) (1)

April 2016 — Arrival of CHARITY’s litter born April 2nd, Black Labrador Retrievers 5 male, 4 female

Charity April 9 pups

March 2016 — “Daisy” CH. Evenstar’s Sugar’s MS Daisy, CGN, TD

February 2016 — Daisy’s pup Cassie is the Dog of the Day on


June 2014 — New Buds Lily and Daisy

4 weeks old!

First Goat’s Milk snack!

3 weeks old!

“Daisy” CH. Evenstar’s Sugar’s MS Daisy, CGN, TD
The new litter, 11 days old (click on link for Flickr movie clip)

Daisy and Pups at 11 Days

Can you spot all 10 puppies?


“Daisy” CH. Evenstar’s Sugar’s MS Daisy, CGN, TD
March 29, 2014 – Arrival of Daisy’s litter; 10 puppies, 8 yellow labs and 2 black labs

The first picture is the whelping box with a tent cover to keep the heat in. Gives the mom a sense of privacy and safety. Daisy is quite content with her babies nursing or vying for position.

May 2013
(Female Yellow Labrador Retriever Born November 2012)
Gilly May 2013
Gilly May 2013

(more photos on Flicker)

December 14, 2012 – 4 Weeks and First Drumette!
first whole food4weeks

Daisy pups4weeks122

Daisy pups4weeks119

November 12, 2012 – New arrivals at Evenstar!
Daisy with Nov 2012 litter
Daisy with Nov 2012 litter November 2012 litter (Daisy)

Charity & Gracie from
MBISS BIS AOM GCh Madabout’s Xtra Large Decaf, CGN
CH. Diamondsbest BobN to Evenstar, WC

March 2012
Ch. Evenstar’s Diamondsbest Charity
Ch. Evenstar’s Diamondsbest Charity (16 months old)

March 2012
Evenstar’s In Your Good Graces
Evenstar’s In Your Good Graces (16 months old)