Links & Online Articles

Ian Billinghurst’s BARFworld

Tom Lonsdale’s Raw Meaty Bones  many articles

Ultimate Diet ~ Kymythy Schultze

Volhard Nutrition and Training

Canine Nutritionist Lew Olsen’s B-Naturals ~ Newsletters on Nutrition and Health; Transitional  (kibble to raw) on recipes page

Caber Feidh Scottish Deerhounds Holistically raising dogs since 1986; Excellent articles on raw feeding and holistic health care

Aunt Jenis Home Made Commercial raw food; natural feeding articles by Jennifer Boniface

Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s site  articles on Nutrition, including Calcium Supplementation and Raw Meat Diets includes articles on Homeopathy by Pat McKay Canine Hip Dysplasia by Wendell Belfield

Mary Straus’ site on feeding not only raw food but high quality kibble, commercial raw products, and information on feeding and supplements for special conditions.  Includes links to many raw feeding sites

Listings of BARF email lists (including K9_Nutrition)