Puppies at Evenstar

Our puppies are well socialized and handled extensively from birth on to ensure good stress recovery as adults. They are ready to go to their new homes at 10 weeks. Up until then they socialize with the other adult dogs and learn many, many valuable lessons of social pack behaviour. The mother is allowed to wean the pups when she is ready, generally between 6 & 9 weeks.

What is a companion animal without health? We put our emphasis on longevity, vigour, good health and excellent temperaments. All our dogs are x-rayed and certified for hips and elbows and eyes are checked annually. We work hard at giving our dogs the best immune systems possible. That means a raw natural diet, a radical approach to vaccines and a holistic approach to health.

All of the puppies are raised on a raw food diet. Experience has shown that puppies raised in this manner are much healthier and far less likely to develop many of the problems seen so commonly in our pets today. Please take the time to learn more about raw food and its benefits.

The puppies remain here for 10 weeks. I have found that it is the perfect age for going to their new home. They have been well socialized with people and other dogs. The puppies are here with their Mother and Grandmother and Auntie. They all get to run together in the big yard and the lessons imparted by the older girls are invaluable to the pups. They learn what all the different growls mean and they learn how far each elder can be pushed. So amazing to watch.

We follow a modified vaccine protocol. I try to educate my puppy buyers to the hazards of vaccinations. I ask them to wait till the puppies are 12 weeks old before seeing their vet. They have already been checked by my vet. They are tattooed in the ear. I do not do microchips as they are now finding malignant tumors around the microchip and the microchips wander thru the body. They are also finding tumors at vaccination injection sites. Although modern allopathic medicines have their place they are not always beneficial. I am trying to be as chemical free as possible.

I urge my puppy buyers to read and use the internet for information regarding vaccines.
They also go home with 2 books to read. Please check out our links page for books and internet sites. Your continuing education awaits. Take part and pass along your expanded knowledge.